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I started painting in my house, back in Vedado Habanero, in 1995, trying to sell my works at the fairs of the Malecon and the Cathedral, back in Havana too.

Later they allowed me to enter the Studio-Gallery "Renaissance", appointment in Bishop # 360 / Havana and Compostela, Old Havana, the renowned artists Raymundo López-Silvero and Eduardo Estrada Roque, along with other magnificent artists such as Ernesto Estevez, Roberto Alfonso and Ulises Garcia. There I really learned a lot. I thank them and God for having known them and for that we are like a family.

Later, on the Boulevard de Obispo, I created my own Studio-Gallery with Dionel Delgado, another artist recognized in Havana, and who is like my son, I stayed there until 2008, the year I emigrated to the States United.

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In my studio, Boulevard de Obispo, Old Havana, Cuba.
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